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Ovcio Scarf Review 2023: This Mongolian Cashmere Scarf has been making waves on the Internet

Ovcio Cashmere Scarf

It is claimed to be the softest all-season pocketable scarf.

It apparently makes you look slimmer during winters.

A Section of women even claimed that it helped them with their neck pain ( I was really intrigued by this one).

I have been reading great reviews about Ovcio on Forbes, Vogue, Reuters, and Pulse, and wanted to see what the buzz is about - Is it truly as awesome as everyone is making it to be?

I have always loved scarfs - After all, who doesn’t love a stylish upgrade to an outfit? If I am wearing a plain-jane white tee and blue jeans combination, I will just throw in a bright scarf, tie it up in a stylish knot -and voila! I go from plain jane to chic casual in seconds!

While I love this easy stylish upgrade, for a long time I was having trouble finding something of an “All-In-One” Scarf that actually makes my neck feel good.

The ones that I have are either too bulky or too thin - and the worst of all is that I am always too aware of a giant piece of cloth hanging by my neck. For the bulkier ones, it almost felt like a noose.

As I started scouting the internet for my scarf solutions, I found that a lot of women and style icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, Lisa Kudrow, Emma Watson, Jordin Sparks have all switched to cashmere scarves, known to be the softest wool in the world.

And when Cara Delevingne started wearing them, I knew that I had to give cashmere scarves a try. ( After all, she isn’t called a trendsetter for no reason)

Ovcio Scarves Review: Is Ovcio truly a Game-Changer in Cashmere scarves?

Once I knew the fabric I wanted, I started hunting for the best brands for Cashmere Scarves.

This is when I chanced upon Ovcio.

There was a strong buzz around it being the softest, stylish, and easily pocketable cashmere scarf.

There were more than 11,000 reviews claiming that it made women look less bulky and that you can don it during summers and winters with equal panache.

To be honest, I was skeptical that any scarf can get so many things right, together.

Until I ordered my first Ovcio.

And boy, wasn’t I surprised!

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

Let me walk you through my experience with Ovcio so that you can see for yourself if this is for you.

1- It Weights Just 0.00051 ounces/sq in - This Cashmere Scarf is LITERALLY FEATHERWEIGHT!

The first time I held the scarf in my hand ( I got a classic orange one - For me, orange is the new black!), I realized that Ovcio was being literal when they meant that the scarf is featherweight because, in my entire lifetime, I have never come across a scarf that’s so..well, for the lack of a better word - Weightless.

Once I wrap it on my neck, I hardly feel its presence - It’s almost like it’s not there, except that it is indeed.

And that is a welcome change from my bulky ones that feel like a noose on my neck.

2- Ovcio is the World’s Softest All-Season Scarf- True OR False?

They are actually not kidding when they say that it is the world’s softest scarf.

Ovcio is made from 100% Cashmere Fabric - And Cashmere is known to be the softest wool on the planet.

So if all cashmere scarfs are soft, what makes Ovcio the softest?

Ovcio actually takes it a notch up on the softness by going for the world's best Cashmere hair - Mongolian Cashmere.

They also have a special shearing and manufacturing process that retains the original softness of Mongolian Cashmere. I don’t know too much about it as the process might be proprietary - but I can see the results alright.

Take it from me - Ovcio is the softest fabric that I have ever touched in my life. It somewhat feels like a marshmallow without the weight. I can’t really put it in words, you really need to experience the extreme softness for yourself.

3- Ovcio actually FITS into my TINY 5 x 4 x 1 inch Clutch!

Its pocketability is a big relief I must say.

Earlier, I always needed to make space for my scarves in my bag and now I don’t have to worry about it anymore!

It’s so light and featherweight that it folds neatly into a bundle to fit into my tiny 5 x 4 x 1 inch purse - And that is one of the smallest ones in the market!

4- I don’t feel 3 Pounds Heavier On Winters

Did you know that your winter wear actually makes you look bulky?

I personally look up to 2-4 pounds heavier every winter (and that’s being conservative) with all those layers to keep me warm.

With Ovcio, all those extra pounds evaporated just like that - Pfffft!

It is not only the most light-weight and soft, but it is 2X warmer than most scarves in the market.

Yay to sleeker winter fashion!

My Experience With Ovcio Scarves - Takeaways

#1- I don’t need to choose between style and a sore throat

Don’t you hate sitting through strong AC during work or in restaurants?

Over 60% of professional women feel their neck pain gets worse because of the strong AC in their office, and I am one of them.

Until Ovcio came along, I had to make the dreaded choice between style and a sore throat or cracked neck.

Well, not anymore - This beautiful cashmere keeps me warm and comfy in cold weather. I use it to combat AC at my office or restaurants, and even during chilly evenings when I feel like going for a walk or hike.

If you feel vulnerable to the strong AC air or chilly weather, this one should definitely be in your closet.

#2 It’s Warm, Not Sweaty

Ovcio is warm and cozy, but interestingly I never felt sweaty while wearing it.

You can associate the warmth with a hot chocolate on a chilly morning, not the sweaty adrenaline after jogging or gymming.

I love this feature because this means that I can use it in any season - Summers, Winters, Autumn, and spring!

( I seriously wouldn’t want to keep a beautiful cashmere scarf hidden in every other season except winter)

#3 It’s Multipurpose - You can style it as a scarf as well as a wrap!

The scarf is approximately 87x39 inches(220x100cm) in length, so I am always free to style it as I want - Either as a traditional scarf or a wrap.

I usually go for a wrap when I am sitting on my patio in the evenings - It works great with a nice dress or sweatshirt.

For work or casual coffee dates, I prefer it knotted.

#4 It’s Stylish to the T, judging by the number of compliments I have received! (A Great Gifting Option as well)

My family loves it.

My co-workers love it.

My girlfriends love it. ( Some of them were slightly jealous, so I ended up gifting the envious kids some Ovcios of their own. Nothing like a gift to tame a green-eyed monster!)

I have been receiving a volley of compliments from everyone, so much that I actually got gifted 3 Ovcios on my birthday ( I am now the proud owner of 6 Ovcio Scarfs in total).

I actually channeled my inner fashionista and created a few looks with my Ovcio scarf - Check them out below!

Work Wizard

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

Chic Casual

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

Street-Style Fashionista

Ovcio Featherlight Scarf

Ovcio Scarves Review: Yay or Nay? Check Out The Score Card For Yourself

I have tried 10 scarves for the past 4 weeks, and here’s my verdict: 

I have judged the primary characters on a scale of 10:

Light Weight

People are not kidding when they say Ovcio is the softest, all-purpose feather-light scarf in the market.

It’s a great upgrade to your wardrobe and I would strongly recommend it as a good investment.

Cashmere, being a premium fabric, is slightly more expensive than the regular scarfs - But Ovcio gives you a good deal on it. A regular cashmere costs around $499, but Ovcio Featherlight Scarf starts prices at $139 (they are running their Biggest Sale of 2023 now👌). I believe the pricing is kept economical because they are trying to make the brand accessible to all.

Ovcio Scarves Review Wrap Up: 40+ Styles you can check for Yourself

Ovcio has got a green signal from me.

I believe you should try at least one of those heavenly cashmere scarves - Head over to their website and choose from 40+ different styles!

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